El Lugar Resort | An Eco Resort & National Park

The Resort

The Difference

El Lugar is an eco-resort, located in Sarapiquí, about two hours northeast of San José, in the northern lowlands. It is 1.200 acres of pristine, luscious and intensely nurturing land. There are two different plots, one on either side of the Puerto Viejo River.

7 Reasons Why El Lugar Is Different

1. Not a single tree will be cut.

In El Lugar there are more than 600 trees of 73 different species.

2. No hill will be leveled off.

As part of the strong commitment to preserving the land as it is, a group of experts has designed El Lugar in a way that no hill will be leveled-off, keeping the magic and the charm of the scenery for future generations.

3. Building according to natural breezes

El Lugar will be built in ways to take advantage of the most pleasant natural breeze available in the area. This will reduce the use of air conditioning systems and contribute to energy efficiency.

4. No sealing of the surface

All buildings on El Lugar will be built on pylons using the latest technologies to build without sealing the land with concrete. This will allow the rainwater to run freely on the land keeping the natural drainage that for centuries has been feeding the lakes and river at El Lugar.

5. Natural Sewage Systems

Using cutting-edge technologies, El Lugar will have a natural sewage system using the latest developments in Green Technology. The roots of different kinds of plants and flowers will replace the use of chemicals during the entire process of sewage treatment.

6. Solar Panels and ADC Energy

El Lugar will get its electricity through batteries that are recharged by solar energy. The greatest benefit of this is a high level of energy efficiency, allowing the use of nearly all of the electricity produced.

7. Space

When planning El Lugar, we created space between the buildings and throughout the resort. Space is the one thing that people give up to live in cities. Space is rare and valuable. Space is what mankind actually requires to live in communion with the Earth.

Meet The Land

El Lugar has two main areas, plot 1 and plot 2. Plot 1 is an untouched piece of land that will be protected within El Lugar. It’s currently providing pasture for the cattle farm and is largely undeveloped. Big parts are undisturbed jungle and rainforest, teeming with wildlife – monkeys, birds, tapirs, ocelots, sloths, lizards and tree frogs. This plot is as yet untouched by the modern world and offers a unique opportunity to perceive and receive the power of nature in your body and being, as the incredible contribution it can be to mankind.

Plot 2 is the 150 hectares or 370 acres on the north side of the river, which is currently where the farm buildings and family homestead are located. This Plot is the area that is currently developed as a resort. This land has only been used for cattle breeding and farming for the last 80 yrs. Fertilizers or pesticides have never been used on the farm. Below you can see a map of plot 2.